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Ningbo Bigmouth Robotics Technology Co., Ltd (BM in short) has been in the line of international trade for more than 30 years. Each year, BM creates more than 125M sales around the world.

BM has registered its own brands Auxiwa, Simenmax, Kawany and Buteny in the United States. To better establish its brand image and reputation, BM has shared its ownership of brands with retailers around the world.
Auxiwa products mainly cover LED lights, including LED bulbs, ring lights for phones and reading lights. Among those products, Auxiwa ring lights have enjoyed greatest popularity in the United States.
Simenmax and Kawany represents BM’s wireless devices while Buteny represents home improvement goods produced by BM. With 2500+ product portfolios, we are researching new products for the home entertainment industry. We hope to roll them out early next year.

Buteny essential oil diffuser is one of BM's latest produts which have been popular around the world.

Integrated its own technological and warehousing advantages with competitive resources overseas, BM has its Head Office located in London with global offices in Telford, China, Houston, Hamburg, Paris, Barcelona, Dubai and Johannesburg, offering sales and support to European, Mediterranean, Middle East, Africa & Asia Pacific regions.
BM is and will be continually evolving product ranges aligned to market trends, dedicated to having all clients experience excellent quality and reasonable price by providing quality products, optimal designs and professional techniques.


Contact: Shenzhen Bigmouth E-commerce Co.,Ltd.

Phone: +86 755 6680 3073

Tel: 86 755 6680 3073

Email: maket@bm-robotics.com

Add: Room 203, Building 201 Shangbu Industrial Park, Futian District Shenzhen CHINA

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