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Every Beauty Blogger Uses This Selfie Technique


Every Beauty Blogger Uses This Selfie Technique (And They Know What's Up!)

We all know our good side when it comes to posing for selfies. But there is a certain group of people who are known for being the best at taking selfies: beauty bloggers. 

Have you noticed they all seem to take a similar type of selfie? Usually, their face is tilted towards the camera lens. This technique is called the “beauty blogger tilt.” Now that you know what it is, let’s go over how to do it.

First things first, camera placement. Hold your phone/camera above your forehead. 
Next, tilt your face down and to the side. Then, click. You’re done! It’s that simple. 

If you are wondering why these steps up your picture from three-second snapchat to profile picture material, it’s because this angle allows you to capture your assets in the best light. 

It’s the perfect position to show off your eye makeup, creating highlights and shadows in the most flattering ways.
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