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How To Take Good Selfies -- Part 3


How To Take Good Selfies -- Part 3

Uploading and Managing Your Selfies

Experiment with filters. Most people who take selfies also happen to have an app on their phones that can add interesting dimension through the use of color and light filters. Not every filter is right for every selfie, so play around with different options before settling on the best one. 
The simplest filters are “black and white” and “sepia." Even if you don't have an app installed on your phone, you probably have these features.
Other popular filters include those that make the photo look vintage, creepy, romantic, or darker. Feel free to test them all out and see which ones go best with your photo.

Edit the photo. If you have photo editing software, you can also touch up any blemishes or flaws on the selfie before uploading it to a social media account. You can cut out parts of the background, resize the photo so it frames your face differently, change the way the light looks, and so on. Many of these edits can be made on your phone without using an app, but you might want to look into the dozens of apps available for this purpose. 
That said, you should use photo editing sparingly. If you cannot make your edits look completely natural, err on the side of caution and delete the changes rather than posting an obvious fake.

Upload it to all your feeds. Share your selfie on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram for all your friends to see. In most cases you can add a caption to describe what's happening in the picture, but you might want to just let it speak for itself. 
When you upload a selfie, own it! Pretending that you were taking a picture of something else and your face just happened to be there, won't fool anyone, so be proud to show off your lovely face.
Be aware that some people find selfies annoying, and you might draw some negative comments. If your online albums end up full of selfies, you might want to consider diversifying.
Be sure to leave the types of comments you want to see on other people's selfies. The more "likes" and shares you give others, the more you'll get.

Get in on trends. Selfies have really taken off in the past few years, and it's fun to participate in selfie-related trends. What selfie trends are filling up your feed? Don't be shy about uploading some pictures of your own, too. Here are a few popular ones: 
Throwback Thursdays: Every Thursday, people post pictures of themselves from an earlier time. See if you can dig up a selfie from childhood, or simply post one from last week!
From Where I Stand: This hashtag was created by people who wanted to share poignant shots from their own perspectives. Take a picture of your feet as you stand in a country you're visiting for the first time, on the beach, on a cracked city sidewalk or anywhere else you want to share.[3] 
Feminist Selfie: This hashtag started trending on Twitter and really took off. It's about being proud to post your picture even if you aren't stereotypically gorgeous. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.
Hair Smile: This one's all about showing off your hair. If you consider it to be your greatest asset, take a selfie featuring your hair instead of your smile.

Make sure the setting is appropriate. There are some places that should be completely off-limits to selfies, like funerals or the scene of an accident. Most situations like this are pretty common sense, but as a general rule, ask yourself if taking a selfie in a given situation could upset or offend people who see it. If the answer is “yes," save your selfie for another time.[4] 
Funerals, weddings, and other major occasions are off limits. If you are at an event meant to focus on or celebrate another human being, put down your smart phone and step out of the limelight.
Similarly, if you are at a memorial site, keep the phone in your pocket. Don't take selfies at a memorial or statue, especially if a tragic event took place there once before.



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