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How to Choose Bluetooth Headset


How to Choose Bluetooth Headset

The wireless technology has been making life easy for everybody. Being able to communicate and transfer information between two devices without the tangling wires is very liberating. One of the most popular wireless technologies today is the Bluetooth. It is a proprietary open wireless technology for data exchange suitable for short distances between portable devices that offer high levels of security. 

Bluetooth headset is commonly used for mobile phones, computers, game consoles, and other portable devices. Although the cost of Bluetooth headsets vary enormously, a more expensive Bluetooth headset does not mean it will perform better than cheaper ones so knowing how to choose the right headset will save you from making an expensive mistake.

Comfort and Ergonomic Design

The right Bluetooth headset should be comfortable enough and fits perfectly that you can wear it all the time even for a long phone conversation. It should be something that you can put on your ear and take off quickly and comfortably. The control buttons on the headset should be right where you need it. Typically, Bluetooth headsets are a bit heavier and bigger than wired headset due to the battery and added electronics but should not be too heavy for your ears. There are two types of Bluetooth headset that you will commonly see today; the one with a loop behind the ear and the one that you insert into your ear. You should try both and see which ergonomic design is right for you.


Battery life is very important for Bluetooth headsets since you could be using it frequently for both business and personal calls. Although you will leave the Bluetooth headset on standby when not in calls, it is still important to get a good talk time and standby time.
How is the battery charged? Can the battery be replaced easily? Is the charger able to accept ~100-240V input voltage so it can be used internationally while on travel? Are there other ways to charge the headset like via USB cable or car adapter?
The important commands that should be supported by Bluetooth headsets are voice tags, redial, conference calls, end/answer calls, reject or mute calls, can switch from music to calls with a touch of a button (if music is supported), hold calls, and volume controls.
Pairing should be easy. Period.
Range of Bluetooth headsets vary depending on its Class. Typically, a range of 10 meters (~33 ft) should be adequate unless you are always away from your phone.


The first generations of Bluetooth headsets encounter compatibility issues but as long as it complies with Bluetooth 1.1 or later specification and offers headset/hands-free profiles then it should be OK.
Check if your mobile device is Bluetooth-enabled to make sure it can communicate with a Bluetooth headset.

Sound Quality

Most of the Bluetooth headsets today have excellent voice quality as long as the devices are within range. But what separates a good Bluetooth headset from the rest is the ability to maintain voice quality in a noisy or windy environment. Noise cancellation or reduction is the key feature.


The only thing to keep in mind is that a more expensive Bluetooth headset does not equate to better performance than a cheaper one.



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