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How to Take Selfies with Confidence


How to Take Selfies with Confidence

Part  2
Hiding "Flaws"

Most people are insecure about a single feature, like acne. When you take selfies, there are several methods to hiding your flaws besides photoshopping it out. Nobody likes a photoshopped selfie!

Filter your selfie! If you have acne, using a filter can help the acne match your skin tone and look completely gone. 

Use lighting techniques. If your insecurity is on one side of your face, turn that side of your head away from your phone, or make sure the lighting is on the other side. 

Stay away from Photoshop! Photoshopped selfies seem to scream to the viewers, "This person is insecure!". Instead of using Photoshop, use the techniques above and the confidence boosters below. 

Take selfies in different places, like the beach and the city. If you need to, focus on the background so your viewers attention is directed to the background, not your face. 

Part  3
Confidence Boosters

Tell yourself that there are lots of people uglier than you. If you need to, look up "severe {your insecurity here}" and browse through Google Images. 

Remind yourself that when you post your selfie, you will get likes and comments. Tell yourself that everybody who likes the picture likes your appearance, and everybody that comments is complimenting you. 



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