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BM Founds the Intelligent Technology Subsidiary in Guangzhou SiliconValley 、

BM Founds the Intelligent Technology Subsidiary in Guangzhou SiliconValley

September 28, 2016, BM founds another subsidiary, BM Intelligent Technology Ltd,. in Guangzhou Silicon Valley. President Mr. Wang and the senior executives attend the opening ceremony.

BM implements the transformation and upgrading form single audio product cooperation to a smart technology platform, as the inter-network and big data become an essential part of digital economy. The establishment of BM Intelligent Technology Ltd, is a pioneer work and a new milestone of BM, and it is also an embodiment of the constant development and innovation of BM.


BM Intelligent Technology Ltd, is located in Guangzhou Silicon Valley, which is the largest high-tech industrial cluster in Guangzhou. This platform is devoted to follow the trend of intelligent control technology and smart city solution, improving the intelligent technology products constantly. 


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Email: maket@bm-robotics.com

Add: Room 203, Building 201 Shangbu Industrial Park, Futian District Shenzhen CHINA

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