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2016 Sound & Light Industry Summit Forum

2016 Sound & Light Industry Summit Forum


BM Chairman Mr. Wang attended the annual summit forum for Sound & Light Industry and Award Ceremony, which was held grandly in Guangzhou NIKKO hotel on Dec.8, 2016. On this summit forum, BM was award “Top 10 Broadcast Conference (National) Brand” and Mr. Wang was awarded “The Most Socially Responsible Entrepreneurs in Guangdong Province”.

More than 500 distinguished guests attended this summit, including enterprise leaders, experts and leaders on Performing Arts Equipment Industry Association, representative of enterprises, distributors / agents / contractors and news media. 


In the year of 2016, manufacturing industry is experiencing an unprecedented upgrade and transformation for the reason of rising labor and raw material cost. The theme of the summit is closely linked to the pulse of the industry development and the shaping of enterprise brand. Meanwhile, this summit focus on the hot topics of whole industry, such as “How to break through the bottleneck of the development of national enterprises”, “How to integrate audio and lighting manufacturing industry”, “How to better shape the national brand”. This forum aims to think about the future development direction of the industry and promote the development of sound manufacturing industry.


Chairman Wang is awarded “The Most Socially Responsible Entrepreneurs in Guangdong Province” 


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