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Taking LED Lighting to a Higher Level of Excellence

Taking LED Lighting to a Higher Level of Excellence

BM lighting embarks on a new era in the lighting industry with the launch of its ground-breaking LED Reflector Series overcoming ancient problems that are evident in current LED lamps. This high-performance LED range offers a genuine one-for-one replacement for halogen lamps in terms of colour temperature and light intensity, with energy savings of up to 80% and reduced heat, making them ideal for lengthy operating hours in applications of all sorts such as shops, restaurants and hotels, etc.

Patented TCH Technology

Thanks to advanced reflector design and the Thermal Conductive HighwayTM (TCH) Technology, these LED Reflectors offer a colour tolerance of just ±100K shift in colour temperature, when compared to an average of ±400K for most LEDs. The BM LEDs are ingeniously engineered with an ultra light-weight heat sink to prevent tilting of the lamps when installed onto track spots.

The TCH technology represents an ingenious highway design across the reflector to dissipate heat efficiently, hence, achieving optimum thermal control. The result is a combined array of LEDs that can be mounted vertically into a reflector to maximise light output and ensure consistent colour control, while delivering three times more light output than other LEDs in the same wattage.

Key Competitive Edges

1.       Low power consumption

2.       Low heat generated

3.       3 times more light output

4.       Colour rendering up to Ra92

5.       Minimal colour shift ±100K

6.       Over 90% lumen maintenance at 20,000 hours

7.       Negligible UV

8.       Colour temperature of 2800/4000K




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