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  • yoyomax Halloween Party Fan Set
  • yoyomax Halloween Party Fan Set
yoyomax Halloween Party Fan Setyoyomax Halloween Party Fan Set

yoyomax Halloween Party Fan Set

  • Brand: yoyomax
  • UPC: 757183792139 / 699464201483
  • Product description:
  • FANTASTIC FANS: yoyomax presents this Halloween Party Fan Set! Hang them up for all to see because this will add the extra style and pizzazz that your party needs. It’s perfect for any celebration!
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED: Use this adorable set for any Halloween event! These fans feature fall colors and Halloween style. Includes two 17”, two 14”, two 11”, and two 8” paper fans (8 total), along with three fan faceplates.
  • FANCY PIECE: Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to these cute fans! With this decoration, you can cover up bland walls and impress guests. You’ll delight family and friends with this hanging décor!
  • OCTOBER NIGHT: Beware of ghosts who say boo, ghouls, zombies, spiders, vampires, scary bats, black cats, and any witch with pointy shoes! Most of all, beware of this set of cute, spooky Halloween fans!
  • TRICK OR TREAT: As friends come for candy and sweets at all the different Halloween parties, you’ll surprise and entertain guests if you decorate with these fun fans! Pair this with your pumpkin, spiderweb, and jack-o’-lantern décor.
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